JM PVC 12-FT Offering Expands

Johns Manville is excited to announce the expansion of our 12-foot-wide PVC offering, now including both JM PVC with Elvaloy™ KEE and JM PVC SD Plus, in 60 and 80 mil thicknesses. JM is the only roofing manufacturer to offer 12-ft wide PVC. The benefits of using 12-ft membrane are widely understood across the industry and include reducing the number of seams by 20%, lifts to the roof, and waste.

12 ft pvc.jpg

All the membranes are approved for adhered and induction welded applications. Reduce your risk, reduce labor and increase profits with JM 12-ft wide PVC.

For additional information on minimum requirements and lead-times, contact your local JM sales representative or customer service advocate.