Something Big has Hit the Market - TPO 12-FT

It's here and bigger than ever!

TPO 12-FT Yeti Poster_crop.jpg

Tested. Proven. Now even wider. JM TPO 12' rolls make jobs more efficient, saving
you time and money.

An additional 2' means fewer seams, fewer rolls and lifts to the roof.  Pair JM TPO 12' with Rhinobond® to save on even more fasteners than with competitive 12' sheets.  See the code advantages here.

The following new materials are in stock and available throughout the nation.

Product                   Size              Color       SKU                Rolls/Pallet
JM TPO 45 mil       6’ x 100’       White      900026093            9
JM TPO 45 mil       12’ x 100’     White      900026094            9
JM TPO 60 mil       6’ x 100’       White      900026095            8
JM TPO 60 mil       12’ x 100’     White      900026096            8