A New Solution for UL Class A Wood Decks - SeparatoR FR


Class A Approvals over Combustible Wood Deck Include:


SeparatoR FR is the new solution for your UL® Class A Wood Deck applications for mechanically attached and induction welded single ply membranes. This board is a ½" thick polyisocyanurate foam core board with premium inorganic coated-glass facers that yield UL Class A approvals for mechanically fastened single ply systems over a combustible wood deck or recover application.

SeparatoR FR is manufactured in Fernley, NV and Hazleton, PA. It is stocked in Tracy, CA and Fernley, NV.

Installation and Specification: Installation of SeparatoR FR follows the same guidelines as polyisocyanurate insulations, with joints butted tightly together. For wood deck application the board joints shall be offset a min. of 6” from joints in the plywood or OSB substrate. Boards are preliminarily fastened using a minimum of 5 fasteners and plates per 4x8 board or 4 per 4x4 board. SeparatoR FR is compatible with standard induction plate fastening patterns. SeparatoR FR is eligible to be included in the JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee.


  • Labor Savings
    •  Easy cutting, handling & installation
    •  Extremely lightweight at 11.5 lbs per 4' x 8' board
  • More boards per truck
    • Lower freight costs
    • Less fuel surcharge
    • Less unloading/loading time
  • Low dust environment – no silica exposure (view bulletin here)
  • Moisture and Mold resistance
  • High R-value (2.9)