It eliminated the extra time and labor of applying a coating after the roof was installed. We were pleased to meet all of our deadlines. It’s a product we’ll continue to use.
— Steven Donnay, VP Asset Management of Duke Realty

If your project requires a cool roof, CR G cap sheets are a great option. At 72% solar reflectivity, these products offer nearly three times more reflectivity than a standard white cap sheet. They also can help keep the heat out during hot summer months. Plus, our CR G cap sheets are just as easy to install and repair as standard granulated cap sheets.


SOLAR REFLECTIVITY: The ability to reflect the sun's energy back to the atmosphere.

THERMAL EMISSIVITY: The material's ability to shed, not retain, heat.

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Title 24 Compliant

Created in 1978, Title 24 was developed to adopt alternative energy and conservation measures to mitigate  growing energy use in California. It was originally designed to alleviate rollfing blackouts during the hot summer months when air-conditioning demand exceeded the grid's capacity.

Sustainable Energy Practices and Roofing

One of the hallmark traits of a sustainable building is a reduction in the amount of energy required to operate that building. Read more about general sustainable energy practices here.

When combined with the proper amount of roof insulation, highly reflective and emissive products, such as JM white membranes, offer a system that significantly reduces heat gain into the building, saving you energy. 



Visit our cool roof brochure for more details.