JM Now Offers Invinsa Foam®; a Dual-Density Polyisocyanurate Composite Board Designed Specifically for Contractor Savings.

JM has combined its industry-leading Invinsa® high-density (HD) polyiso cover board with ENRGY 3® CGF to make a new composite board called Invinsa Foam. Contractors can save time and labor by installing our new composite board. Savings can be as high as 10% on labor and adhesive costs.

Invinsa Foam joins polyiso and Invinsa in the factory for a strong bond. The resulting composite product provides a high level of roof protection. Invinsa Foam is the only dual-density composite board with a HD layer that meets ASTM 1289, Type II, Class 4, Grade 3. The HD layer has an industry-high compressive strength of 150psi (nominal).

Invinsa Foam is a make-to-order product in our Bremen, IN facility with standard lead times of 14 days. Please contact your sales representative to calculate the savings on your next fully adhered job using Invinsa Foam.

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