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Put more life in your roof.

With the Peak Life Maintenance Program.

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help your roof reach peak life.

The Johns Manville Peak Life Maintenance Program maximizes the value of your investment and ensures the long-term performance of your roof through regular maintenance. You’ll work exclusively with approved Johns Manville professionals to keep your roof performing at peak levels. Plus, your maintenance commitment will support your existing guarantee and give you the option to extend coverage.



Extend the life of your Roof

The Peak Life Guarantee Extension Program makes it possible to prolong the life of your roof with minor repair or restoration rather than a full-cost replacement.  It starts with a {FREE JM Roof Assessment.}

Lower Lifecycle Costs

Save on labor, material, and disposal costs versus a re-roof.

Keep the Value of the Original Insulation Investment

When roofs are repaired rather than replaced, the original insulation stays in place.

Less Disruption than a Full Reroof

In most cases, roof repairs and recoating are less time-intensive and limiting than a full reroof.



If you already have a Johns Manville roofing system, you recognize the premium quality and benefits of our products. Through Peak Life, we give you even more:

  • Two annual inspection reports keep you informed of any problem areas

  • Included repairs, such as re-caulking failed sealant or topping-off pitch pockets, reduce overall costs*

  • Free program transfers create added property value in the case of a sale

  • Enhanced coverage for your existing Peak Advantage Guarantee ensures long-term savings*

  • Additional peace of mind knowing your roof is in top shape

*See the Peak Life Maintenance Program Guarantee rider for specific terms and conditions.

top roof issues

Be sure your roof is in good shape.

With Peak Life, you can be sure that common roofing probrlems are addressed quickly to minimize damage to your building - and your budget.


Debris can collect on top of drain covers and slow proper drainage, leading to standing water and roof deterioration.


Dips, low spots and puddles indicate that the support below your roof’s surface is failing. Be careful - a dip now can become a hole later.


These bubbles on your roof mean water has gotten underneath the surface and is warping the materials. When a blister bursts, leaks and holes will follow.


Is flashing is bent, rusty or damaged, water may have a way to seep through your roof.

With roof system replacement costs ranging from $4 to over $15 per square foot, the advantages to timely response and repair are clear. Peak Life helps you catch minor issues before they become big problems.

cost of maintenance vs. reactionary repairs

Put off roof replacement with proper restoration.

Preventive maintenance minimizes the total and annualized cost of ownership of roofing systems through regularly scheduled inspections and periodic repairs of common problematic components.
In addition, the application of protective, reflective coatings can extend performance life when properly planned and incorporated into the overall roof maintenance program.
— Facility Executive Magazine, July/August 2016, Roofing Maintenance Dollars and Sense

We have a guy on your roof

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Johns Manville Peak Advantage Contractors stay at the forefront of the industry, demonstrating exceptional work standards and implementing best-in-class solutions. When you participate in the Peak Life Maintenance Program, these professionals are at your service.

Look for these accreditation symbols to know you’re working with the best.


There’s no need to worry. With Peak Life, you’ve got a Johns Manville pro on your roof.

our services levels suit your needs

The needs of each building - and building owner - are unique. Whether you have years of experience in roofing or building maintenance, or foundational knowledge, our team can help you determine the best option for your facility. Together we’ll ensure uninterrupted coverage and minimal intrusions.

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You want your roof to last. So do we!

The Peak Life Maintenance Program can make it happen.