We Hope You Join Us in Nevis!

Qualifying for Johns Manville Peak Advantage® Pinnacle Council®  status in 2019 takes you to the island of Nevis, in the Caribbean Sea. This small island is located in the northern part of the West Indies and is one of two islands that make up the country. Saint Kitts is the neighboring island that is separated by a short 2 mile channel know as "The Narrows."

Take in the sweet sights of Nevis.

During colonial times, sugar was as valuable as oil is to modern markets. Nevis was at the heart of this industry, as it began producing sugar cane in the mid 1600s. Sugar built empires, and control of the island sent European armies and navies to war. Though Nevis stopped growing sugar cane in the mid 1930s, historic sites and plantations invite Pinnacle level JM contractors to peek into its rich heritage.


History lives here.

Alexander Hamilton.jpg

Look around, look around! Peak Advantage destination Nevis is the birthplace and early childhood home of American statesman and founding father Alexander Hamilton. His family’s legacy on the island can still be seen in the ruins of the Hamilton Estate, a plantation owned by the Hamilton family. This site is just one of the beautiful, historic landmarks that await you in Nevis. Achieve Pinnacle status, and you can take in the history as you make your own Caribbean memories.