Hurricane Michael and Knowing Who to Call


When dealing with a hurricane, there are a lot of unknown outcomes. Which way is it going to go? Will it be flooding, wind, hail, or all of the above? What kind of damage will happen? We want you to be sure of one thing, Johns Manville is here to help.

We want to ensure you have the information to call on your JM Peak Advantage® guarantee if needed.

Guarantees: 1-800-922-5922

  • Push “1” to speak to claims

  • Push “2” to speak to contractor account managers

  • Push “3” to speak to technical specialists

Customer Service: (877) 766-3295

South Carolina Sales Team:

  • Tara Burgei (720) 240-1332

North Carolina Sales Team:

  • Ed Benson (704) 562-5563

  • Sean Dougherty (919) 817-5176

Georgia Sales Team:

  • Phil Gallagher (678) 640-9998

  • Jed Breitbart (404) 455-9837

Panhandle/Tallahassee Sales Team:

Panhandle/West of Tallahassee

  • Griff Stanley (205) 233-2533

East of Tallahassee

  • Brice Wilson (904) 910-7145

Please visit our website here to find more information regarding JM Peak Advantage guarantees.

Here is a document from the NRCA that can help you when wondering what comes next with a damaged roof.