2019 National Roofing Week


Every year roofing companies around the country share photos and event relating to training, employees, and jobs that they are proud of. It’s a week that pulls everyone together, and for a week we are all “family.” This year, NRCA hosted a Family Raffle where companies could share photos of their company family to enter to win a party pack! This year’s winners are L.E. Schwartz & Son Inc., Macon, Ga.; Korellis Roofing Inc., Hammond, Ind.; and Arkansas Roofing Company! Congratulations!


Our company is very excited about all of the community work that our employees have recorded. We know that there are more of our employees who do even more community work than what we have listed. In our sustainability report we shared that our volunteerism has been trending upward. One way we promote volunteering is through JM Stars where employees can champion a community event such as a 5K, community garden, donation collections and much more!

STARS logo.png

One of our largest events is the MS150 here in Denver, CO. Not only are the views impressive during the ride, but the team from JM is expansive and continues to ride year after year. We are the third top contributor to raising funds for the MS 150 for two years in a row now! There are many employees here who have someone they know who has been affected by MS. We all have someone to ride for.


Employee Training

We have so many talented and seasoned individuals that it is hard to come into work one day and not learn something new from someone. Our BURSI program is 47 years old and is all about delivering the facts. Our programs and curriculum are dedicated to giving design professionals a better understanding of low-slope roofing systems, but also gives our employees the same depth of education to better understand roofing systems. Attendees gain insight from seasoned professionals on today’s roofing environment and emerging trends, and meet continuing education criteria.

Our Roofing Institute over at our Rockdale, IL plant allows people to get hands-on with our materials and learn the best way to install roofs. We host two annual trainings for our employees and multiple trainings throughout the spring and fall seasons for our Peak Advantage contractors. We specialize a few days dedicated to single ply, bituminous, maintenance, and liquid applied. Stay tuned for our fall schedule!

Employee Appreciation

We wouldn’t be the company that we are today without each and every one of our employees. From the plants, to the people in the office, to our sales and technical team on the road, we thank you! Here are a few pictures of some of the people behind the scenes, helping to make things happen.


Signature Projects

When you have such an expansive portfolio of products, it’s hard to pick a favorite. You get the longevity of our history with built-up and bituminous membranes and the innovation with. Each system has it’s own unique benefits and choosing the right roof can be challenging. With JM roofing systems you know you are getting the full package. If you need finding that solution that is just right, contact our Specifier Services team!

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TPO 2016_06 TPO and non-JM Flute Fill Drone (10).jpg



It’s been a fun week sharing more about our company in a few snapshots. The company is full of great people and opportunities. Take it from someone who has been here for over 10 years. There is a reason why we stick around. If you ask a JMer what is the main reason for being loyal to the company and most will say, “It’s because of the people.” Not everyone goes into roofing thinking that they will make a career out of it. Some people are born into the industry, others are motivated by friends or family in the industry, and others find out just how fun the industry people can be. National Roofing Week is a way to celebrate each and every one of you, of your accomplishments, of being a part of a family. Cheers to you and all you do!