Win a major award in the Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest

When you sport your favorite knitted masterpiece during the holidays, do you hear things like "Gnarly", "Whuh...", "Oh my", "Rad!", "How dare you!" or "Not in my house!"?  Then, we’re gonna give you until Christmas Eve to get your creative-self in front of a camera and show us your best (or worst) stuff! If your outfit makes us want to shoot our eye out, you could win a "major award"!

Don't stay home alone the night before Christmas. Grab a plane, train or automobile and head to the thrift store for some festive embroidery.

"Guess what The Santa Clause left under my tree!"

It's a wonderful life, so celebrate by wriggling into that elf-sized quilted onesie Grandma made you. Great style will die hard, so yippee ki-yay, little buddy! 

What are you waiting for, Christmas? Grab some iron-on rudolf patches and get busy! We're looking for the brightest, craftiest, most eye catchingly bedazzled torso trapper you can muster! 

To enter, simply email your picture to

Be sure to include your name and cell phone number, so we know who to ask for when we call to congratulate you. The winning sweater will be announced after New Year's Day.

Happy holidays, you filthy animal.