Skylight Technical and Quote Process Update

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Bulletin Number: T17-001

Date: February 8, 2017

Distribution: Internal/External

Effective immediately, Johns Manville has chosen to collaborate with Logistics Lighting, an independent skylight distributor.  Johns Manville will guarantee skylights sourced through Logistics Lighting when the requirements for the requested guarantee are met.  Logistics Lighting will work directly with the Johns Manville Guarantee Services Group to match the skylight with the guarantee requirements for the project.  Johns Manville will then include a rider on the guarantee that outlines the coverage for that project.

Skylights will be sold and furnished by Logistics Lighting directly to roofing contractor, and will not be shipped by Johns Manville.

Please feel free to email or call Logistics Lighting for pricing, code questions, and comparative analysis for your particular job needs.

Contact information is:

Eric G. Huffman

Logistics Lighting, LLC

240-707-8600 Mobile

307-633-9696 Office

844-455-7283 Toll Free

307-633-9697 Fax


Brad Burdic

Preferred Accounts Manager