Introducing JM Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive

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Bulletin Number: M18-004

Date: March 8,

Bulletin Number: M18-004

Date: March 8, 2018

Distribution: External


The JM Two-Part UIA Canisters (70005637 & 70005638) are ready for shipment!  The Canister will be kept in inventory at Hazleton, Rockdale, Scottsboro, Grand Prairie and Tracy locations.  

Like the other JM Two-Part UIA offerings, the canister is approved when using beads to adhere board products.  With the addition of a spatter application technique, the canister can be used to adhered fleece-backed membrane.

Key Features:

  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can be used for bead application patterns for insulation installation and spatter a pattern for TPO and PVC fleece-backed membranes.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters offer fast start-up, fast shut down, no equipment maintenance and no lost-time due to installation rig issues for greatly improved rooftop productivity.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can provide up to 35 squares per set for insulation attachment at 12” O.C., depending on the weather conditions and insulation type.
  • Pressurized flow allows “stop and start” installation eliminating the need for a serpentine bead pattern.
  • Pressurization creates a “Dynamically Foamed” bead that is quickly ready for board installation, increasing installation efficiency over traditional solutions.
    • Less ballast is required over “Dynamically Foamed” adhesive.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can be applied in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C).
    • Canisters must be at 70°F at time of application.
  • Each JM Two-Part UIA Canister set comes with a disposable 25ft (8m) hose, gun assembly, six mixing tips and three extension tubes.
  • The gun assembly has a trigger lock to prevent accidental dispensing.
    • The gun assembly can remain in the locked position and partially used containers can be stored up to 30 days for use on another project.
  • JM Two-Part UIA is odor free and has ultra-low VOC levels.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters are UL and FM tested and approved.

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Brian Shamas

Attachments Product Manager

Johns Manville Approved Asphalt Supplier Update

Johns Manville Approved Asphalt Supplier Update

Johns Manville is pleased to announce a partnership with Bitumar, OC Trumbull, and United Asphalt for packaged and bulk asphalt used in JM Peak Advantage Guarantees. Asphalt is a core business for each of these suppliers with a proven performance in quality, service, and dedication to the packaged and bulk asphalt market.

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JM Now Offers Invinsa Foam™; a Dual-Density Polyisocyanurate Composite Board Designed Specifically for Contractor Savings

Print Bulletin Number: M15-025

Bulletin Number: M15-025
Date: December 14, 2015
Distribution: External

JM has combined its industry-leading Invinsa® high-density (HD) polyiso cover board with ENRGY 3® CGF to make a new composite board called Invinsa Foam. Contractors can save time and labor by installing our new composite board. Savings can be as high as 10% on labor and adhesive costs.

Invinsa Foam joins polyiso and Invinsa in the factory for a strong bond. The resulting composite product provides a high level of roof protection. Invinsa Foam is the only dual-density composite board with a HD layer that meets ASTM 1289, Type II, Class 4, Grade 3. The HD layer has an industry-high compressive strength of 150psi (nominal).

The JM Invinsa Foam product also represents the highest R-value (per inch) of any polyiso dual-density composite board in the industry. See the following table to understand how Invinsa Foam delivers the best performing dual-density polyiso composite product.

Invinsa Foam is a make-to-order product in our Bremen, IN facility with standard lead times of 14 days.

Please contact your sales representative to calculate the savings on your next fully adhered job using Invinsa Foam.

MJ Cusick
Portfolio Manager, Bituminous, Boards, & Insulations