Peak Advantage® Guarantee Requirements for Gypsum Based Products

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Bulletin Number: T17-002

Date: September 8, 2017

Distribution: External

Johns Manville (JM) strives to have a complete set of options when including gypsum products in guaranteed systems. JM sells products produced by Georgia-Pacific, National Gypsum® Company and USG™ which can be included in the Peak Advantage® Guarantee.

To qualify for this coverage, all gypsum based products used in a Peak Advantage Guarantee must be purchased through JM.

Effective for guarantee applications submitted on or after September 18, 2017 all guarantees using gypsum based products from Georgia Pacific (DensDeck®), National Gypsum (DEXcell®) andUSG (Securock®) will require the submittal of invoices showing the purchase of the product from JM.

Invoices can be uploaded in the JM Portal by clicking on “Submit Documents” and then clicking on “New Attachment” and choosing “Product Invoice” as the document type. The document can also be emailed to or faxed to 877-403-1747 with reference to the specific tracking number.

Thank you for your cooperation as JM continues to look for options that give contractors a choice when using gypsum products in JM roofing systems.

Todd Nathan

Director of Technical Services