JM PVC SD Plus Offering is Expanded

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Bulletin Number: M17-004

Date: May 24, 2017

Distribution: External

JM PVC SD Plus now offers minimum mil thickness and a grey offering to further expand the PVC Portfolio.

Product Additions:

SKU                             MIL                        Size                     Color

70004498                  60 MIN                  120" x 100'           White

70004638                  80 MIN                  120" X 75"            White

70005408                  60 MIL                   120" X 100'          Grey

Installation for these membranes will follow the same application and specification guidelines as JM PVC. When installed in accordance with JM installation guidelines, these systems are eligible to receive a NDL JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee.

For additional information on minimum requirements and lead-times, contact your local JM sales representative or customer services advocate.

Melissa Walker

Product Manager