Johns Manville Transitions to a New Release Liner on Self-Adhered Products

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Bulletin Number: M16-013

Date: November 17, 2016

Distribution: Internal

JM is transitioning to a new liner on all self-adhered DynaGrip® and JM CleanBond® products.  The new liner will have the same performance and appearance the release liner currently has on the JM BaseGrip® SD/SA product.  This film has a grey/black color (Figure 1) and has a siliconized treatment on the bottom surface of the film to prevent sticking to the bitumen.  The previous film was white and had the silicone on both top and bottom surfaces.  During installation, be cautious when removing the liner. The top grey surface of the liner should not touch the sticky bitumen surface as it will stick directly to it. All DynaGrip and CleanBond membranes will transition to the new liner by 2017.

Figure 1:

Please contact JM Guarantee Services for specific system requirements at (800) 922-5922.


Heidi Wollert

SBS Product Manager