Johns Manville Expands TPO Offering with Self Adhered Membrane

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Bulletin Number: M18-003
Date: March 8, 2018
Distribution: External

The JM TPO portfolio now offers field and flashing membrane with self-adhering technology. Each product has a factory applied film eliminating the use of adhesives and the challenges of cold weather installation.

Product Overview:

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Installation and Specification:

Installation for these membranes will follow the application and specification guidelines of JM Thermoplastic Polyolefin Self-Adhered Membrane. When installed in accordance with JM installation guidelines, these systems are eligible to receive a NDL JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee.

For additional information on minimum requirements, product availability and lead-times, contact your local JM sales representative or customer service advocate.

Kim Tokarski
TPO Product Manager

Introducing JM Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive

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Bulletin Number: M18-004

Date: March 8,

Bulletin Number: M18-004

Date: March 8, 2018

Distribution: External


The JM Two-Part UIA Canisters (70005637 & 70005638) are ready for shipment!  The Canister will be kept in inventory at Hazleton, Rockdale, Scottsboro, Grand Prairie and Tracy locations.  

Like the other JM Two-Part UIA offerings, the canister is approved when using beads to adhere board products.  With the addition of a spatter application technique, the canister can be used to adhered fleece-backed membrane.

Key Features:

  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can be used for bead application patterns for insulation installation and spatter a pattern for TPO and PVC fleece-backed membranes.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters offer fast start-up, fast shut down, no equipment maintenance and no lost-time due to installation rig issues for greatly improved rooftop productivity.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can provide up to 35 squares per set for insulation attachment at 12” O.C., depending on the weather conditions and insulation type.
  • Pressurized flow allows “stop and start” installation eliminating the need for a serpentine bead pattern.
  • Pressurization creates a “Dynamically Foamed” bead that is quickly ready for board installation, increasing installation efficiency over traditional solutions.
    • Less ballast is required over “Dynamically Foamed” adhesive.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters can be applied in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C).
    • Canisters must be at 70°F at time of application.
  • Each JM Two-Part UIA Canister set comes with a disposable 25ft (8m) hose, gun assembly, six mixing tips and three extension tubes.
  • The gun assembly has a trigger lock to prevent accidental dispensing.
    • The gun assembly can remain in the locked position and partially used containers can be stored up to 30 days for use on another project.
  • JM Two-Part UIA is odor free and has ultra-low VOC levels.
  • JM Two-Part UIA Canisters are UL and FM tested and approved.

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Brian Shamas

Attachments Product Manager

Peak Advantage® Guarantee Requirements for Gypsum Based Products

Peak Advantage® Guarantee Requirements for Gypsum Based Products

Effective for guarantee applications submitted on or after September 18, 2017 all guarantees using gypsum based products from Georgia Pacific (DensDeck®), National Gypsum (DEXcell®) andUSG (Securock®) will require the submittal of invoices showing the purchase of the product from JM.

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